As a PR agency, we have helped organisations of all shapes, sizes and complexity, across many sectors and industries define their messages and understand their audiences.

Telling the stories they want to tell, we have developed strong relationships between our clients and the media, witnessing significant changes to the way people perceive news and engage with businesses.

But it’s not all about media relations; we were inspired to explore other outreach methods. This triggered a natural progression in to the world of social, digital and inbound marketing, which has broadened our ability to communicate with and influence a wider audience.

Remaining true to our PR background, we start with your messages; without ensuring they are genuine, engaging and informative you are unlikely to get any response – no matter how or where the messages are delivered.

We also put ourselves in the minds of your target audience to determine how your message would be best presented and placed to get the best reaction.

To sum up the essence of WorkPR, we are corporate storytellers and creators of compelling content, who seek opportunities for our clients to demonstrate their knowledge, their passion and their ambition.

We are never lost for words and we know how to make words work for you and your business.



David Bailey

I am the head honcho and creative champion at Work PR, known equally for my ability to tell a great story as I am for my psychedelic shirts and tendency to share random facts at will. My particular expertise includes imaginative thinking – or ‘crazy ideas’ some might say; I think the unthinkable… and then sometimes wish I hadn’t. Having a brain that has no off-switch, and of course working in PR, I am likely to be found at work – whether I’m in or out of the office. But on the occasions I’m not chained to a desk swigging down sweet black coffee, I might be whipping up a culinary masterpiece or tending to my dog-kids.

Ben Coleman

As the resident designer, I’m the quiet one in the office, working away in the background producing visuals to help communicate the client’s message. This is usually through websites, animations, branding or print design, but I can turn my hand to most design tasks and I do like a challenge.

When I’m not working, I’m usually found writing songs on the ukulele or piano, working on my own creative projects or watching Doctor Who. Yes, I am the office nerd.


Laura de Vente

You can usually find my red-head stuck in a book, or alternatively in an excel spreadsheet between 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday. I am responsible for distributing press releases and synopses, establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the editors of regional and national publications. When I’m not sending emails or updating spreadsheets, I’m making sure the office is stocked up on tea bags, printer toner and toilet roll – only the essentials!

Outside the office, I like to spend my spare time participating in exercise classes at my local leisure centre or dragging my better half along to enjoy a bit of cheeky salsa dancing.


Matt Long

Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a First-Class Honours in Print Journalism, I have taken my passion for writing and meeting new people into the world of PR and Marketing. Whether it’s writing news features or developing social media strategy, it’s my job to tell the story of our clients in a creative and engaging way.

When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me watching the football – either live or with my mates over a game of pool. If it’s not sports, then it’s films. Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction and Saving Private Ryan make up my top three movies, in no particular order.

Jamie Sommerville

Working in the role of Digital Marketing means it is my job to focus on client’s social media presence, making content and building up engagement. I also spend my time in the office making sponsored content, social media adverts and making analytic reports.

When I’m not working, I am normally spending a lot of time at the gym, eating at Yo Sushi or watching a Ted Talks on interesting subjects!