A little bit about us

We are never lost for words and we know how to make words work for you and your business.


As a PR agency, we have helped organisations of all shapes, sizes and complexity, across many sectors and industries define their messages and understand their audiences.

Telling the stories they want to tell, we have developed strong relationships between our clients and the media, witnessing significant changes to the way people perceive news and engage with businesses.

But it’s not all about media relations; we were inspired to explore other outreach methods. This triggered a natural progression in to the world of social, digital and inbound marketing, which has broadened our ability to communicate with and influence a wider audience.

Remaining true to our PR background, we start with your messages; without ensuring they are genuine, engaging and informative you are unlikely to get any response – no matter how or where the messages are delivered.

We also put ourselves in the minds of your target audience to determine how your message would be best presented and placed to get the best reaction.

To sum up the essence of WorkPR, we are corporate storytellers and creators of compelling content, who seek opportunities for our clients to demonstrate their knowledge, their passion and their ambition.


What our clients say...

"These are improvements we have craved for a long time. A huge thank you to Sophie who has put in a great deal of hard and fruitful work on this.”

Ben Twitchen, Taylor Walton

“The animations definitely gave us a professional edge. People stopped to watch the video and feedback was positive. Thank you for your patience, time, and effort on these two projects, and a special thanks to Ben too – he really managed to pull these together in testing circumstances!”

Emma Allinson, Mechtronic

“WorkPR are very easy to work with and they help us to provide consistent and insightful content that is published via our Blogs and social media. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jason Betteridge, Circyl