Design Trends For 2024

By Ben / 23rd January 2024 / Comments Off on Design Trends For 2024

With each new year, design, in every form, evolves. For this reason, designers and creative agencies like ours must ensure they are up to date with the latest design trends so that they can offer their clients designs that feel current and will engage their intended audience. This year, there is a theme throughout the…

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Video content in PR strategies – why your business must capitalise on the growing trend

By Ben / 22nd March 2023 / Comments Off on Video content in PR strategies – why your business must capitalise on the growing trend

In modern marketing, businesses can become so fixated on campaign content that they pay little or no thought to the physical delivery of their communications. By default, organisations fall back on press releases or social media posts to enhance awareness, but this won’t always achieve the desired results. The overwhelming popularity of platforms like YouTube,…

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6 Benefits of using WordPress

By Ben / 5th August 2022 / Comments Off on 6 Benefits of using WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that we use as a foundation for all of the websites we build for clients. The benefits of using WordPress are obvious to us, but not always to our clients. So we’ve put this little guide together to explain why WordPress is our chosen platform. We’re not alone in…

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How a designer copes with no internet

By Ben / 27th May 2021 / Comments Off on How a designer copes with no internet

With speeds we’ve never known the like of, we’ll now be able to work much more efficiently, upload our animations quicker, have better quality video calls and deliver work to clients that little bit faster. Once again though, this is another reminder of how reliant we are on technology and the internet to function as…

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Themes vs Pagebuilders:

By Ben / 20th November 2020 / Comments Off on Themes vs Pagebuilders:

We build all of our websites in WordPress, as it is a secure, trusted, easy to use platform. However, WordPress is just the foundation; the content management system that stores your information. Once you’ve installed WordPress, you need a theme to actually build the pages. There are a few different approaches you can take at…

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do i need a new website

Do I need a new website?

By Ben / 9th November 2020 / Comments Off on Do I need a new website?

It’s reckoned that you should redesign your website every 2-3 years to keep up to date. However, redesigning a whole website can be a costly and time-consuming process. So some may question if it’s really worth it and ask “Do I need a new website?” While we agree that you should refresh your website every…

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How To Take a Professional Photo With Your Phone

By Ben / 18th August 2020 / Comments Off on How To Take a Professional Photo With Your Phone

When it comes to showing off your business, high quality photo and video content are important to give the right impression. When people land on your website or social media, they will immediately see that you are a professional, serious company that cares about quality. While stock photos are available, it’s always ideal to source…

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Can you trademark pronunciations?

By Ben / 20th May 2020 / Comments Off on Can you trademark pronunciations?

I recently had an interesting discussion with a friend about the pronunciation of names and how to ensure the correct pronunciation. What started out as an offhand comment snowballed into a full investigation that led to some interesting findings, which I thought I’d share with you… It’s pronounced Ben My name is Ben, but every…

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Working from home with Ben

By Ben / 30th March 2020 /

With the team having to work from home due to corona virus, we thought we’d share with you how we’ve been getting on. First up is our graphic designer, Ben. I never used to like working from home. My room is full of distractions and it’s hard not to be tempted to just have a…

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Stand up for comics: Igniting a love of reading

By Ben / 5th March 2020 /

As lovers of the written word, we here at Work PR are avid readers. However, that does not necessarily mean we all read books. Some of us prefer to read online blogs and ebooks, while others, like me, enjoy comic books and graphic novels – perhaps not surprising for a graphic designer. Which begs the…

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