As a full-service agency, it’s our job to promote the key messages of our clients and enhance their brand awareness through a combination of different marketing methods.

Whilst PR, social media and design are three of the most popular approaches, businesses must also pay close attention to their own website and ensure content is updated regularly.

This involves uploading blogs and case studies to improve their SEO, giving their website a better chance of featuring higher in the list of search engine results.

Of course, some businesses may not have the resources to ensure new content is uploaded, and over time, their website becomes neglected and outdated, which is never a good look for new visitors.

For this reason, some clients choose to outsource their copywriting tasks, asking specialist agencies, like Work PR, to help them create engaging and insightful content on a range of relevant and sometimes challenging topics.

One such client is Circyl, who are responsible for delivering a range of IT solutions designed to enhance productivity and business intelligence.


As an official Microsoft partner, a lot of the solutions they’re offering use Microsoft’s technology, so any updates or changes to existing services will likely impact their customers. Therefore, it’s crucial that Circyl show they have their finger on the pulse and inform their audiences of any new changes, offering their own professional insights on what the updates will bring.

This is the case with Microsoft’s monthly Power BI update cycles, as each month, Work PR will create a new update blog detailing the most significant improvements and the impact they’ll have on Circyl’s clients. Of course, it’s not enough to simply describe the various changes, so we’ll thoroughly research the updates beforehand, selecting three or four of the most exciting changes and analysing them in a reader-friendly way.

Although it may sound straightforward, maintaining a consistent stream of content is time-consuming, especially if you’re looking to post new blogs and case studies each week.

By working closely with Circyl and taking the time to understand their business and clients, we can research and create insightful content on their behalf.

Whenever there are changes to Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 or other Microsoft services, we have the expertise needed to create insightful 500-700-word blogs that give readers important details, without them having to sift through the official reports.



The feedback from Circyl’s clients suggest they’re using the Circyl website for information more regularly, because the updates have been translated into digestible and insightful highlights.

As always, our involvement in the IT industry means we can spot trends and developments and create engaging content, before seeking client approval and uploading the information directly to their website.