Taylor Walton is a Hertfordshire and Luton-based solicitor’s firm specialising in services for both businesses and individuals. We were approached by their family law team to improve their service pages’ Google rankings, with the objective to increase client leads. Read on to find out more about how we were able to achieve these results for them.


Keyword Research

The first step to any SEO project we undertake is to identify the best keyword opportunities for the client.

Using both Google Keyword Planner and SemRush’s tools, we created a spreadsheet of the top family law search terms that were being consistently searched for every month on Google. This research covered all areas of family law that their solicitors provided legal advice on, including divorce, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, child maintenance and much more.

We then presented the spreadsheet to Taylor Walton’s team; highlighting our recommendations of the best key terms to kickstart their SEO strategy with. Our recommendations are based on search terms that are not only receiving significant search volume every month but would also likely achieve results for Taylor Walton’s family law team quicker (based off their ranking difficulty level).

Working with Taylor Walton’s family law team, we agreed on a range of keywords that would help them rank their services both nationally and locally (I.e., searchers who are located close to their offices). We then proceeded to target these key terms through the page copy rewriting stage.

Optimised page copy and site backend

During this stage, the original family law page copy was reworked to include more detail about Taylor Walton’s approach to family law, such as their experience and credentials, client testimonials and their processes for resolving family law issues. We also included an in-depth ‘Frequently asked questions’ section to demonstrate the family team’s extensive knowledge and expertise on family law issues.

In addition to improving Taylor Walton’s SEO performance, it was also important that we made improvements to the customer experience of the family law teams webpages. We designed bespoke icons for the main family law page that highlighted the team’s strengths in quick, succinct points that would be easy to digest. We also added a mini menu at the top of the page so that users could browse the page’s contents and skip to the information they needed quickly.


By rewriting the page copy to target relevant keywords, Taylor Walton’s webpages saw significant traffic growth, with some pages receiving three to five times the amount of traffic that they were previously. This was a result of the firm growing their rankings for several significant key search terms around their office locations. The family law team also reported back to us that enquiries had increased for their services since we had worked on their webpages, and that they were “busier than ever.”

The positive relationship we built with the family law team at Taylor Walton increased interest from their other departments, and we are currently working with their residential conveyancing, employment and commercial property teams to help grow their SEO performance.