Quick Turnaround

By Eve | 4th November 2022


Wright Hassall is a leading regional law firm dedicated to delivering expert, timely advice to its broad client base.

Wright Hassall takes a proactive approach to tackling emerging issues relevant to both its current and prospective clients, working together with WorkPR to remain agile when maximising opportunities to boost the firm’s profile and reputation in the media.


There are many misconceptions or assumptions made with regard to employment law that could trip up a more inexperienced or misinformed employer. These are issues that aren’t necessarily sector specific, but are significant nevertheless, and can result in dire consequences for employers if not addressed appropriately.

One such matter is the impact that temperature can have on the workforce. There has been a lot said over the years about how employers should respond in cases of cold or snow in order to protect the well-being of staff. But when the forecast in June 2022 suddenly predicted a Summer of record-breaking temperatures over 40o , many were left asking, do the same rules and regulations apply? Were people still expected to continue working, or was the heatwave going to be responsible for another kind of lockdown? There was confusion, misinformation and in some quarters, panic. And with a week to go before the peak of the heat was due to hit, there wasn’t much time to set the record straight.


By closely monitoring the news agenda, emerging trends and changing sentiments, the team at WorkPR are well placed to draw attention to matters in the public interest that would benefit from a legal perspective being shared. This was one such instance.

Upon reading compelling evidence that the country was heading for a period of unprecedented heat, it was recognised that there was a limited period in which coverage could be leveraged based on what an employer’s responsibilities are in extremely high temperatures.

Given that some industries are predisposed to operating in higher temperatures (eg, kitchens or factories) or even working out in the elements (construction workers, gardeners), there was no one-size-fits-all solution to getting the message out. However, because of WorkPR’s existing network of editorial contacts, the team was able to reach out with the concept of a myth-busting article specific to the industry they were covering, and craft the copy to meet their needs.

The media responded positively, and due to the experience within the WorkPR team, our writers were able to remain agile and deliver on a wave of requests for copy with short lead times.


Having conducted a process of media outreach within a day of Met Office reports we were about to place and create bespoke copy for 11 different publications, covering 7 different sectors, within a matter of a few short weeks. The campaign had an audience reach of approximately 1.5 million. This amounted to over 9,000 words across the specific titles, with each article bespoke in its nature.