BA Brewmaster is a family-run brewing firm in Kamloops, Canada. They are a community driven Ferment-on-Premise whose main focus for the past 28 years has been quality and service.

We had previously worked with one of the employees who had recently joined BA Brewmaster after emigrating to Canada. As part of the company’s new marketing strategy, they needed a new website to complement their rebrand. Their current website was outdated and difficult to use, so they wanted something modern and user friendly.

We were recommended and we pitched our ideas of what we thought the website should look like, both in terms of the design and the functionality that we could add to it to make it more efficient for both BA Brewmaster and their customers.


Following our initial introduction, we spent time with the client discussing the look and feel of the website. We ascertained the tone they were after, their target audience, the age range of potential visitors, their competition, and where how they wanted to incorporate their new branding.

The main purpose of the website was to showcase the wide variety of beers, wines and other drinks that were available to make in store, as their main customers were locals who would visit in store.

The previous website had used an ecommerce platform to list the different beverages. However, since they weren’t selling online, they didn’t use any of the ecommerce features and so didn’t really need an ecommerce platform. Due to the use of this plugin, the backend had also become cluttered with hundreds of listings of all types drinks that they were unable to separate.

“We couldn't have been happier with the redesign of our website, and would absolutely recommend WorkPR for any and all marketing projects. Their designs are creative and functional, they found solutions to even the trickiest of challenges that we asked of them, and they were dependable and reliable throughout.

“Most important was their attention to the objectives we were looking to achieve – everything was implemented with precision and purpose and you can't ask for more in marketing than that. Thank you Ben, and everybody at WorkPR, we can't recommend you enough.”

Laura Wilkes, Marketing Manager, BA Brewmaster


The BA Brewmaster marketing team had some ideas of what they wanted for certain pages and showed us some rough sketches, so we were able to work with them to explain what worked and what was possible. Combining this information with the latest design trends and our web design expertise, we were able to build a good picture of what the website should look like before we even got to a computer.

To improve functionality, we created custom post types for each type of drink – meaning beers, wines, coolers, ciders and flavoured wines could all be kept separate in the back end to make it easier to manage. We used Advanced Custom Fields to add the necessary fields to each, so that users could just add the required information and not be presented with other unused fields.

Presenting the list of drinks on the front end required a complex setup using a mix of HTML code and shortcode to get the desired look. While this was more advanced than what we’d usually do, we were more than happy to take on the challenge and add another design trick to our arsenal.

Whilst building the site, we were able to explore new features recently added to the Beaver Builder theme builder that we use and suggest creative solutions and additional features to really make the website stand out.


Following the launch of the website, BA Brewmaster received positive feedback from colleagues and customers, with many commenting on the ease of navigation, the user friendliness and the good use of photographs. The client has found it easier to manage their products and finally have a website they are proud to promote.

There are plans to add further functionality to the site as the company grows and adds more services to its offering. In the meantime, the client can now easily update the content on the website as they wish, knowing that we are on hand for additional support.

Kevin Rex, Owner of BA Brewmaster, also added:

“A website is like a shop-window, and it was imperative for us that our website reflects who we are as well as what we do. With all of the work that goes into running a small business, it can be very difficult to find the time to take on a big project like re-building a website, and you need to be able to trust the company you work with in order for everything to run smoothly. WorkPR did exactly that – they were incredibly attentive, the turnaround was quick, the outcome was above and beyond what we could have hoped for, and the feedback we have received so far is nothing but positive. Thank you for all of your work, we would highly recommend you to anybody looking to rebuild their website.”

You can check out the new website at