It’s important for TechPro to meet with live event agencies and explain their services and the benefits of appointing talented, experienced AV service providers like themselves.

As with all face-to-face meetings, it’s good to be able to leave behind something that reminds people why they should do business with you – something memorable that won’t go straight in the bin.

Whilst details about the firm’s experienced project managers, quality assured equipment and qualified technical teams, won’t ever change, they needed the ability to add information bespoke to the client for each visit.

The client requested a folder and we discussed the option of a separate brochure, but following our advice, we decided to use a combined folder and brochure that does both jobs at a lower cost.


We sourced a standard folder and brochure combination and designed the content to fit. Using standard templates ensures we keep costs to the minimum for our clients, whilst still achieving the high quality, matt laminated, spot UV folder that delivers the right impression.

The oversized folder allows for the insertion of up to 10 sheets of A4, to hold the information for each client. TechPro overprint this information onto printed sheets, designed by us, to ensure that while the information is bespoke to each client, there is no drop off in quality of the marketing material in their hand.

And with short print runs available, this ensures the client doesn’t tie up a lot of money in boxes of brochures that end up gathering dust in a cupboard until the information becomes outdated.

On this project, we delivered both the copy and design. The copy provided an overview of the company, focussing on their key messages and keeping the tone consistent with the website.

The design showcased some of TechPro’s latest projects, with large images being the main elements in the sleek design. On the back page, we highlighted six facts about the company, using simple icons that matched the style of TechPro’s weekly #TechProKnow animations.

We allowed two weeks for the creative part of the process to be signed off, with the final amends and sign off undertaken with the marketing manager sat with us in the office.