The Client

TechPro is a leading AV specialist to the events industry, technical and professional support services for live events.

While TechPro has a good social media output, they wanted to get across some of the things that make their service special in a more engaging way.

The Project

We suggested the idea of creating short animations that combined kinetic typography and simple animations to explain some of the things TechPro does as standard that are beneficial to the customer.

Since people browsing social media generally have quite a short attention span, we kept the animations under 20 seconds, with a punchy opener, a lively animation and more details for those that wanted to know more.

The Work

The animations were created in Adobe After Effects, integrating graphics drawn in Adobe Illustrator and stock footage of live events which was sourced online.

The colour palette was kept minimal to fit in with the branding and allow the more colourful graphics to stand out.

The name #TechProKnow was thought of almost instantly, with the name being both a response to the opening ‘did you know’ question and a statement that TechPro know the little things that help to make an event successful.

The Results

The first animation was well received, with the thumbs up from the managers and a good response on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We continue to produce the animations on a weekly basis and they still receive a good level of interaction on social media.

For example, one animation about TechPro only working with event agencies received a comment that led to an enquiry and potential business.