Providing legal services across a range of key areas, including corporate, commercial, property and employment law, Wright Hassall has solidified its position as a top-ranked firm, building a strong reputation for delivering sound insight to clients across the UK.

Given the extensive experience of its partners, Wright Hassall’s insight tends to attract significant media attention, as it helps educate businesses on a variety of contentious issues.

Working alongside Wright Hassall, it is our job to utilise the longstanding relationships we have with the media to identify opportunities and create insightful articles that demonstrate the firm’s collective expertise, whilst furthering its position as an industry leader.


Road Safety Week is the largest event of its kind in the UK, and is designed to improve road safety by raising awareness of the dangers associated with reckless driving.

Given that Wright Hassall specialise in Personal Injury Claims, the firm was keen to share its expertise with readers, using the latest government road safety data to highlight how widespread the issues are.

Rather than offering a general overview, the government data contained road safety statistics for every region, allowing the article to compare and contrast the number of incidents in different parts of the UK.

The timing of Road Safety Week and the availability of up-to-date government data gave Wright Hassall an opportunity to stress the importance of seeking legal advice if an individual has been involved a road traffic incident that wasn’t their fault.

Ultimately, innocent victims shouldn’t be left to bear the physical, emotional and financial consequences that can occur following a serious collision, and Wright Hassall felt it was in the public’s best interests to be reminded this.


Whilst some press releases and articles are written with the sole intention of securing coverage in print publications, like physical newspapers or magazines, this was a digital campaign that targeted the online versions of popular media publications.

Once a national press release had been drafted, the next step was to use the data to create regional versions, so that each article was relevant and newsworthy to the media it targeted. For example, the North West’s press release would focus on road traffic data specific to that area, whilst the East Midlands version focused on its own statistics.

One of the key objectives of a digital campaign is to secure backlinks to the client’s website, which will ultimately increase the amount of visitors they receive, as readers click the link in the article and are redirected.

To improve the chances of a backlink being included, it is important that the link takes readers to an informative web page that develops the key messages contained in the article. For this reason, we converted the national press release into a longer website story that offered in-depth legal perspective on the issues discussed.

Our design team then used its expertise to create original graphics, including regional tables and an animated map, that were distributed alongside the articles, so that publications could illustrate the stories with something more insightful than a stock image.


In total, the campaign secured twelve pieces of online coverage across a selection of national and regional titles, seven of which included backlinks to the Wright Hassall website.

Whilst some of the previous Wright Hassall campaigns have secured slightly more coverage, the inclusion of seven backlinks is significant in terms of increasing the volume of traffic and improving the SEO performance of the client’s website.

Not only this, but the client was given an opportunity to discuss the issues via some broadcast media outlets, including one Manchester-based radio station, which would have further enhanced the reach of the campaign.