As a modern PR agency, we often support our clients using a combination of different services, whether it's creating articles or designing brochures.

No matter what service we're providing, writing is the skill central to everything we do, as we look to engage with audiences while pushing our clients' key messages.

Although it's important to create interesting copy that captures the reader's imagination, it's crucial that we take the time to understand the industries we write about, delivering insightful copy that adds value to the wider conversation.

In the past month, we have researched, created and distributed a range of important articles and blogs, each with its own unique focus on a topical issue or subject matter.

In celebration of National Writing Day, here are some of the pieces we have recently been involved with:

Strong password security

It may not be a new development within the world of cyber security, but password protection is still an issue that business and individuals are not taking seriously enough.

While it may be tempting to use a short and simple password to protect important accounts, sophisticated hacking attacks are making it easier for criminals to 'guess' passwords and steal sensitive information or data.

Analysing research from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the article we produced discussed the issue in greater detail, highlighting tips for how businesses can ensure their chosen combination is strong enough to cope within incoming attacks.

Excessive overtime

Most organisations and sectors operate with an accepted culture of flexible overtime, whereby workers will stay late on occasion to ensure deadline dependent work is completed.

However, the line between flexible and excessive can become increasingly blurred within some businesses, as workers are forced to stay late, negatively impacting their work-life balance.

In more serious cases, this excessive overtime can lead to legal headaches for employers who are unfamiliar with the laws surrounding National Minimum Wage, and this article explored the potential problems that can arise in such situations.

Personal development and productivity

The UK's 'productivity puzzle' has been a hot topic of debate within the national media, especially over the last decade, as productivity rates continue to fall behind those of our European counterparts.

While some organisations are taking drastic measures to try and solve the issue, new research suggests that personal development within and existing team can help improve the situation at a fraction of the cost.

Taking a closer look at the available development opportunities available to businesses, the article compared the approaches of different organisations, evaluating each action and the likely impact it would have on overall business output.

Power BI and Dynamics 365

For those of you who are unfamiliar with technology, Power BI and Dynamics 365 are two popular Microsoft programmes that businesses use to harness and analyse their data.

While it may sound complex for those not involved with the industry, our job is to understand and digest the expertise of our clients, using their knowledge to craft regular blogs regarding these two programmes.

The Power BI and Dynamics 365 blogs explore recent update cycles and analyse the impact these will have on clients, keeping customers informed and one step ahead of the competition.

No matter what...

Regardless of the industry or our own personal understanding of the topic, it's in our nature as a team of journalists, PR professionals and creatives to conduct thorough research and find the story on behalf of our clients.

No matter what we're delivering, whether it be a brochure, leaflet or article, we always rely on our writing skills to convey important information, while representing the key messages of the client.

If you'd like to learn more about some of the projects we've been involved with and how we can help your business tell its own story,  get in touch and let's start a conversation - after all, it's what we do best!

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