Sophie Mayjonade

Head of SEO


I joined WorkPR in 2020 as a Digital Marketing & SEO specialist. My role is to advise clients on how to improve their website’s Google ranking performance and to help them devise SEO strategies that boost their site traffic and generate customer leads.

I love my job as not only do I get to work with interesting people and subject content (I find UK law fascinating!) but because SEO requires a balance of both creative writing skills with data analytics. This means that every day I am doing something that interests and inspires me.

When I am not in the office, you will usually find me working out at the gym, blasting some heavy metal, or partaking in a weird new fitness class – as I love finding new ways to stay active.

I also enjoy spending time at home with my two beloved cats Bilbo and Wolfie and experimenting with new culinary recipes – with Thai cuisine being my go-to!