Your website is integral for getting your business noticed online. But what do you do when you have spent time and money on your site, for it to still be not getting you traffic and sales leads? You start with SEO. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing web traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It is fast becoming one of the most sought-after marketing services for businesses, as more purchasing decisions (whether it be for a product or a service) are being made via Google searches than ever before. 

Want a free SEO consultation? 

Our consultations include a mini website audit that will give you a picture of how your website SEO is currently performing and our recommendations for improvement. Don’t be afraid to get in touch via email or by phoning our office on 0121 236 3985, and we will be happy to discuss your website goals and how we can get SEO to work better for your business! 

How we make SEO work for you

At Work PR, we have combined our decades of copywriting experience with the most cutting-edge SEO techniques to boost your website’s organic search traffic. With our SEO performance tracking software, we can offer clients the following services: 

Keyword and phrase research. We find the key terms and phrases that your target audience are using to find your business’ services, which will help build the foundation of your new SEO strategy. 


Site audit. We run regular site audit crawls through your website to identify any errors and notices that are impacting your user experience and SEO performance 


Position tracking. Using the keyword list of popular search terms, we run tests to see where your website is currently tracking for them on Google. These can be run for specific locations (e.g. West Midlands) and for desktop and mobile devices. 


Competitor analysis. We draw up (and take your recommendations for) a list of competitors in your industry to show you how your SEO performance compares to theirs. We can also run audits on their website to find out more keywords and search terms that they are ranking for. 


Backlink audit. We find out what your domain authority score is and the websites that are currently linking to yours – including if there are toxic sites that need to be disavowed by Google. 


SEO Strategy plan. Based on the findings of the above, we put together a plan of how we are going to optimise your site to help you boost your organic traffic and search ranking positions!   

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