Corporate Animation

We specialise in creating animated content that explains, sells and informs to boost search engine rankings and generate customer leads

In our always-on world, we are bombarded with information in any number of formats, from written word to video content, but sometimes the detail can be hard to pin down. Animations grab a client’s attention and present information in a much more engaging and accessible way.

It is important your clients understand what you do, how you do it and the benefits they will receive when using your products or services. Animations add personality to your business and demonstrate how much effort you are prepared to expend to explain difficult concepts in simple bite-sized pieces, they can watch over and over, in their own time.

We offer a range of animation styles and will work with you to determine which one will work best for your business, its brand and the messages you wish to convey. Whether it’s slick kinetic typography explaining a medical negligence claim or a more playful cartoon-style showing how a property dispute is resolved, animations can help make things clear and simple for your clients.


Our animation styles includes:

Line drawing

A basic style of animation, the black and white hand-drawn style is suitable for a less serious form of storytelling. Visually show legal scenarios and explanations of terms with a simple, friendly style.


The full colour cartoon animation offers a more professional, along with more opportunity for customisation. This style is preferable if you wish to stay closer to your branding and include more detailed elements.

Kinetic typography

Sometimes you don't need characters or scenery. Moving text and accompanying graphics can be an engaging and modern form of presentation. Ensure that the key words stick in people’s minds whilst keeping them focussed.


The best of both worlds – animated characters combined with kinetic typography. This approach is ideal for when keywords in the voiceover need to be highlighted alongside a visual representation of what’s being said.


While TechPro has a good social media output, they wanted to get across some of the things that make their service special in a more engaging way. We suggested the idea of creating short animations to explain some of the things TechPro does that are beneficial to the customer.

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As well as the animation made from a set of pre-determined styles, we include storyboarding, script writing, voiceover and music if required, to ensure the message is delivered in an entertaining, yet clear and concise manner.

Should you want to include specific buildings, documents or people, we can draw them and include them in the animation for accuracy. And we will work with you to ensure your message is accurate, writing or editing the script for you based on information you provide, with re-working of the final animation possible until you’re entirely satisfied with the result.

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