Public relations

Public relations will tell your story and raise the profile of your business to help influence the buying decisions of your prospects

Perception is everything in business. In order to generate leads and stimulate interest in your offering, you first need to establish exactly what your business stands for in an increasingly competitive and crowded market.

We work hard to define the key messages that best describe your business, your products, your services and the reasons why you lead the way. We create bespoke, proactive and targeted communications, all designed to raise profiles and sell expertise, to help you champion your service offering and achieve your business goals.

Effective PR can position your business as a leader in its field. Whether it’s through widespread news coverage or in-depth analysis in specialist publications, PR is a valuable tool for both raising brand awareness and building trust amongst prospective clients.

At WorkPR, we take a straightforward approach to demonstrating the expertise and professional experience of our clients to ensure their unique credentials that shine through.

We craft thought-provoking copy that is relevant and current, designed to cut through the noise and establish our clients as authorities within their target markets. Far from simply being a press release factory, our strategy is to build reputations through carefully curated content, whether that be online or in print, through owned media, or on industry platforms.

We understand what it takes to discover and then tell the story of your business.


Work PR helps Wright Hassall share its coronavirus advice

Over the past couple of months, the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has developed into a global pandemic, with thousands of people losing their lives and businesses closing due to the economic disruption.

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Our team is made up of experienced PR consultants, SEO specialists, digital marketers and in-house writers, all ready to swing into action to utilise all relevant avenues to create truly holistic campaigns that tell your story.

We work together through every stage of the PR process, from concept and brief, to drafting, developing and distributing the story, before responding to media requests and monitoring coverage.

Our approach has for decades delivered highly informed and results-driven campaigns that ensure our clients’ businesses are recognised by the right audience, at the right time to help turn readers into buyers.

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