Video production

We will help your business leverage the strength of video to communicate lots of information in a short, engaging and easy to digest format

Demonstrating your products or services in a video can help you guide prospective customers on a journey, whilst offering an insight into your business and your experience. And your expertise.

Video is now more important than ever for businesses like yours to demonstrate your products, services, expertise and experience to guide prospects on their journey from interested viewer to loyal customer.

Whether you choose to tell your story yourself, or highlight the work you do for clients, video is a high-quality persuasive medium for delivering key messages about your business and the personalities within it. It’s time you utilised video for the first time or build on what you already have or you risk being left behind by your competitors as they engage buyers with film.


Video content that tells important stories about your business, its services and products can be a powerful tool in your marketing armoury. You can highlight the work you do for your clients and have them explain in their own words just what a difference your business makes to their success.

Your full-length video can be used in snippets across your digital channels to help increase brand awareness, build engagement and develop trust. Taking time to create unique video content, not only showcases your business, but connects it with your audience on an emotional level that printed words rarely do.

Interviews with your team will reveal the culture of your business and express the ethos that makes people want to buy from you, without worrying so much about price. Being open and transparent, without selling or including any call to action will say more about you than any number of brochures.

Video is versatile and can do so much for your business, in a relatively short time. Whether it’s an advert, a testimonial, an install or a case study, a well-scripted video will tell an engaging story and help attract new buyers to your business, else what’s the point.

We have the experience to deliver, from storyboard concept and script writing to shooting and editing, we offer a comprehensive service that includes voice-overs, graphics, music and even an autocue for the perfect video blog.

Rugby legend Scott Quinnell is very social in Signature brand ambassador role

Signature Property Finance recently appointed a new brand ambassador to promote the business and in particular the way it delivers on its promises. It was decided the first course of action was to have Scott articulate the firm’s culture and business practices in a series of short video clips

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