Whilst traditional PR – the idea of securing client coverage in print publications – is widely understood within the legal sector, there is less known about digital PR and the list of benefits a successful campaign can deliver. We list the top 5 benefits of investing in digital PR as a law firm.

What is digital PR?

Although traditional and digital PR work in similar ways, digital PR campaigns focus solely on the online media, news sites and blogs with a view to securing coverage whilst also promoting a law firm’s website.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into securing good quality online coverage than simply writing an article and mass mailing it to as many publications as possible. Like traditional media, relatability, relevancy and information quality will all play a part in determining the success of your campaign.

However, through the curation of a carefully worded campaign with strong original images to illustrate, it is possible to give your online presence a significant boost, whilst promoting the key messages and services of your firm.

The benefits of digital PR for law firms

Enhancing brand awareness

Every good quality PR campaign has the ability to enhance brand awareness through the delivery of interesting and insightful content. A successful campaign can generate significant exposure for your law firm, increasing the likelihood of enquiries and therefore, new business.

Demonstrate your legal expertise

The unique nature of the legal industry provides firms with an opportunity to use Digital PR campaigns to demonstrate in-house expertise and show potential clients that they always have a ‘finger on the pulse’. By commenting on a topical case or issue, it is possible to attract new business purely by showcasing the experience your firm possesses and how it reacts to important issues.

Reach a wider audience

Whilst both traditional and Digital PR campaigns can reach large audiences depending on their success, there is an opportunity to share messages easier online. Publications tend to share new stories through social media, and depending on what an individual searches, there is the chance for a story to feature in the results too.

Improve SEO performance

One of the unique benefits of Digital PR is that a successful campaign can significantly boost your firm’s SEO rankings. Within each of the distributed articles, a backlink to your own website is included – when clicked, this takes the reader directly to your website, driving traffic at the same time. Over time, good quality backlinks will improve your firm’s position within search engine results, making you easier to find and more appealing to potential clients.

Performance measurability

One of the biggest challenges in PR is demonstrating the success of the campaign in a way that resonates with people that may not understand its full potential. This has been a challenge in traditional PR for many decades, but for Digital campaigns, there is data available to show how many times a backlink has been used and the number of times an article/page has been visited. These results make it much easier for you to sell the next campaign or idea as the benefits are clear to see.

Of course, these benefits can only be experienced through the delivery of an insightful campaign that has been tailored to suit the specific audiences it is intended for. This means creating multiple, region or industry-specific articles for one campaign – a process that can be difficult to oversee for busy law firms.

As such, experienced PR agencies with strong media relationships are on-hand to do the heavy lifting and outline strong campaign ideas that clearly demonstrate the expertise of your firm.

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