Working from home with Jamie

By Jamie | 1st April 2020

With the ongoing current situation, the team and I have been working from home for around 2 weeks now. I’m finding it easy, as I had another job working from home previously, so I am used to it and can focus pretty well.

We all keep updated with work and news through Microsoft teams, which has been a big help meaning we can chat and hold video meetings regularly.

I am currently working on doing a lot of research for our client’s social media pages and focusing on getting the right content out for right now. Some of our clients have closed during this period, which gives me free time to learn new things such as using Google Garage.

google garage

Google Garage is an online learning platform made by Google, which has all sort of things on there like Digital Marketing courses and learning SEO techniques, which I am currently focusing on. I am learning a lot through it, such as how to improve client’s SEO for their website, which will come in very useful for us and improve their google rankings.

I am also spending my time focusing on LinkedIn business, I am doing a lot of research into the site and how to improve LinkedIn statistics for our clients, as this social network site is one of the most important for us and I want to be able to fully utilise it. I have also investigated Instagram and looked at the pros and cons of having a page for a B2B business.

I think I am using my time working from home wisely, working to build on and improve client’s social media pages and look forward to getting back in the office when I can. I just wish before we went into lockdown, I got a haircut!