Signature Sponsored posts

By Ben | 25th March 2020


Signature Private Finance are a financial service, offering money to brokers to purchase properties such as auction finance, commercial finance and bridging loans.


We were asked to sponsor snapshots of what Signature have achieved with their lending such as ‘£1.4m capital raising in Bristol’.

We sponsored the posts on the social network site LinkedIn, and targeted other financial companies with the paid adverts.

What Signature wanted to achieve is funding for their business and had a list of companies they wanted to target on LinkedIn.


Once we received the snapshots that our graphic designer made up for our client Signature, I built the advert on LinkedIn.

We did this through campaign manager, as the client sent through the target list of companies, I put them into the advert section so the paid advert would only been seen by people working at those companies.

We then knew the budget that our client had in mind and put that in, after building the advert and LinkedIn approving it, it then started to get results.


By monitoring LinkedIn campaign manager, we could see statistics such as how many times people at the companies viewed the advert with impressions, how many people clicked through from the advert to Signatures website and how many likes and engagements came from the paid advert.

The statistics were very good in terms of hitting all the companies on the target list, meaning people who worked at these companies would have seen my advert.

Signature were happy with the results as they had a meeting with one of the companies that we targeted in which they printed out my advert they saw on LinkedIn and showed it our client saying they had saw it on the social network.

Signature also had enquired through emails and phone calls thanks to the sponsored posts. As well as this the Google Analytics’ were up meaning the companies were going on Signatures website from the post.

This was a successful paid advert that we ran and with LinkedIn if there are companies or even people you want to target you can through sponsored posts.