Graphic Design

You know the message you want to communicate and the audience you want to influence. But how do you present it and how do you ensure it works across different medium? It’s what we do.

More content is consumed digitally now and with so many businesses trying to get noticed, only information delivered in an engaging format will get a response.

Whether it’s a brochure, magazine, direct mail piece or a web banner, we know what works in print and pixel, with creativity to the fore, but never for the sake of it. We like to sell.

Inserting visuals into your content will enable others to better understand the vision and personality of your business. The message will be more memorable too.

Our creative skills and design resources not only enable us to make your messages stand out, but to complement the copy supplied or drafted by our copywriting team.

Lunch at Tiffany’s

One of the most popular networking events held by the school is the Ladies Lunch, which this year followed a ‘Lunch at Tiffany’s’ theme. During the event, guests were given the opportunity to browse a variety of stalls, before enjoying lunch, light entertainment and an auction towards the end of the day.

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