Getting animated with JobMate

When it comes to showcasing new products, it's sometimes a lot easier to show someone than to tell them about it. By visually showing what the product does and how it could benefit them, it helps the potential customer easily understand and visualise the product in a more engaging way.

JobMate had seen our previous animations and wanted something similar to demonstrate their new business management app.

Since the app wasn't fully developed yet, we had little to work with in terms of screenshots and actual footage, so we suggested a character-based colour cartoon. This would allow us to visually demonstrate people using the app in a fun, but professional, way.


JobMate provided us with a rough script with key messages and things they wanted to highlight in the animation. From this, we were able to write the script.

The client was keen to highlight the multitude of different sectors and types of businesses that the app was aimed at, so we built a library of characters from all different trades and showed them all in their working environments.

The main part of the video was animated using Vyond, which we then worked over in After Effects, incorporating screenshots, branding and graphics to make the animation more personalised.

We sent the client previews at various stages to make sure they were happy with the style and content. Once the scripts and visuals were signed off, we added a professionally recorded voiceover and some cheery guitar music to finish it off.