LMI shows employees how to maintain productivity during lockdown

For the past year, businesses have been forced to adopt new ways of working due to the pandemic, with employees encouraged to work from home in line with Government guidance.  

Whilst most organisations adjusted well to a new culture of widespread remote working, the initial transition was not without its challenges, as employees had to familiarise themselves with new technology, ensuring they maintained productivity levels throughout the lockdown.   

Our client, Leadership Management International, specialise in the delivery of bespoke development programmes that are designed to help employees become more efficient and productive within their roles.  

Our longstanding relationships with the media meant we were able to identify an opportunity for LMI to speak about the importance of personal development programmes and how they could help boost lockdown productivity. 

Managing director at LMI-UK, Nick Howes, explained to readers of Business Matters magazine how they could remain productive throughout the pandemic, with input from other global LMI coaches about the challenges faced in their respective countries.   

Due to its relevance in various continents, this particular article had global reach, as it informed businesses and employees of the development opportunities available to them, allowing them to thrive in the current climate.