My role at Work PR is a Digital Marketing Apprentice, which will transition into Digital Marketing Executive when I have completed my one-and-a-half-year apprenticeship. Within this role I do a lot of work online and through client’s websites, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or conducting SEMrush and Google Analytics reporting. 

During my first 2 months at Work PR, I have been working from home due to the pandemic, but I have ventured into the office twice to meet the team. Whilst working from home I spent my time completing work given to me via my boss and other colleagues which helped me learn new skills and get a good understanding of those skills but also spend some time studying and completing courses via coursera and Udemy.  

I wake up around 6:30/7am and the first thing is drinking a cup of tea to wake myself up whilst watching a few YouTube videos. I have a shower and breakfast, then turn on my computer and get ready for my day of work.

My workday starts at 9am and I usually start by looking at the tasks that I have that need completing in the upcoming week. I then focus on completing these tasks. The tasks usually include completing SEO work for clients, researching awareness days, uploading blogs via WordPress, and using SEMrush’s magic keyword tool which I used to find keywords around family law. I’ve also had a little experience creating new products on a client ecommerce website to make it easier to navigate. 

Around 12pm is when I upload Instagram posts for clients, the reason that I upload them around this time is because most people are on their lunch breaks and are most likely to be scrolling through their feed. 

Once I have completed all my tasks, I then spend time online, completing courses or familiarising myself with new tools that will help me in the long run. Whilst waiting for tasks I will try and find things to occupy myself, such as going out on small walks around the local area.

As I am working from home, I'm currently spending all my time at my workplace, which is currently my bedroom can lead to becoming unfocused. Working at a desk in front of a screen all day - especially whilst working from home - can be more tiring than you think. To keep myself motivated and active I try to take around one or two walks a day. The walks are mostly just around the block for ten to fifteen minutes; however, I do find that being out in the fresh air helps with stress and to break up my workday. 

If I receive more tasks whilst during the workday, I will make a start on them, these tasks can take anything from 15 minutes to a few days to complete, so I will assess how long they are going to take and plan on how I will schedule these tasks. The shorter tasks I will complete in the moment and the long tasks I will complete over a few days because it gives me time to come up with fresh content if I couldn't the last time I was doing it. 

Around 4:30pm I will start to wind down, if I have been busy all day and have been completing a lot of tasks, I will take time to do some reading if I have not already, or if I receive a task that I know I can complete within time then I will complete that. If there is a task that I know is going to need more time doing I will spend a little longer outside of my workday completing that to make sure that I have got everything completed. After work, I usually go on another walk, play football with my friends, or play on my games console.

I enjoy working from home, but I cannot wait to get into the office and be around my colleagues. Working around others helps me improve as a Digital Marketer, but also improve my relationships with the team.