A new look for Quiss’s print materials

We have worked with Quiss Technology for many years and their branding has stayed pretty much the same throughout. However, having redesigned their website to give it a more modern, fresh look, the next step was to look at their print materials.

While their materials were well designed, they now looked dated and didn't match the look of the website or the tone the company was going for.

We started with one of their solutions, QVoice, as they needed to use this brochure for an upcoming pitch.

“The new printed collateral designed by WorkPR better reflects the website and our overall brand personality. They are dynamic and fresh, with a real sense of room to breathe for the copy, which is so important in these digital times.”

– David Ricketts, Head of Marketing at Quiss

The main focus for the redesign was to make things bigger and bolder, to really capture the reader's attention and show how current Quiss are.

We used large images of people working with computers to make it relatable. Gone were the businessmen in suits smiling at the camera, in favour of people who looked more like the customer in real life situations.

The traditional grid structure was thrown out to give a more dynamic feel, breaking up the copy into more manageable chunks and highlighting the important details with coloured boxes.

Overall, the new brochures reflected Quiss's bold, dynamic nature and were much more engaging and exciting than their previous brochures.

We were then able to use this brochure as a template, establishing a style that we replicated with further brochures going forward.

With the new style, we are no longer restricted by page counts and tight layouts, as the free-flowing layout gives us the freedom to tweak the design to work with the copy and images.

The new brochures have been well received by both the Quiss team and their customers, with people commenting how fresh and modern they look and the sales and marketing team more excited to be sharing them with potential customers.