Decoding legal-speak

By Eve | 3rd November 2022


Wright Hassall, a leading regional law firm with a full-service offering, has an acute understanding of the vital role that public relations can play in raising the profile of particular lawyers or specialist teams within its business.

WorkPR operates as an extension of Wright Hassall’s internal marketing function to ensure maximum exposure to potential clients, raising awareness of the firm’s areas of particular expertise and positioning it as a partner of choice to those seeking to engage legal representation.


Having worked with the client to create an extensive 5,000-word legal guide to selling an existing business, we were keen to maximise its potential reach by reconfiguring its contents and presenting the key themes in a more media-friendly way.

The initial document had been written for a very specific audience and as such was complex in its nature. It was, in essence, a support document, rather than a marketing tool. However, part of our brief is to ensure that we make existing content work harder in order to generate more business leads, and this guide presented a good opportunity for us to raise awareness of our client’s skills and knowledge in this particular area of business.


Ultimately, the goal was to deconstruct the core material to make it more attainable to an audience with less legal prowess, and disseminate it widely across the trade media. This was a topic with universal appeal, giving us prime opportunity to achieve excellent levels of quality, meaningful coverage.

The guide went through several rounds of editing from its original format; First to define the key topics or headlines, secondly to outline the processes involved, and lastly to flesh out the legal intricacies, but this time using more straightforward and easily digestible language.

Once the main themes had been established we were able to create a synopsis for the proposed article with which we could target key editors, offering a taster of what we could offer without divulging too many details.

As a general rule, we do not blanket issue any content and are sure to speak to each target editor directly when selling-in article ideas as this allows us to tailor each story to meet their specific needs. In this instance, the sheer amount of source material allowed us to really hone into how the broad topic of ‘selling a business’ would work in reality for different sectors, resulting in truly bespoke and targeted content which would sell Wright Hassall’s expertise in those specific circles.


We secured placement for the feature in 10 separate publications across nine different sectors. One piece, having appeared in a well renowned pet business title, was heralded as being directly responsible for Wright Hassall securing a sizable new contract to sell an established business.