Helping LMI look professional whilst working from home

Lockdown has had quite an impact on many businesses, changing the way they operate or putting them out of action completely. The one main difference is that a lot more people are working from home, meaning they can't talk to clients face to face.

Thankfully, video calling software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have enabled people to keep in touch with their clients and customers. However, using living rooms and kitchens for meetings isn't quite as professional as an office.

Whilst Teams and Zoom both offer a feature to change your background for an image, the effect is far from seamless. The the feathered masking of the face and considerably difference in lighting and quality makes it obvious that you are not really on a beach in California.

Nick Howes, Managing Director at LMI, asked us to come up with a backdrop that he could use to make his video calls look more professional. We agreed that a pull up banner would be the best solution, as it would be big enough to cover the background and also be be easy to assemble as and when he needed it.

We created a collage of greyscale photos taken from the LMI brochures, as this would tie in nicely with their marketing material. We kept the opacity very low so that the image was visible but not overpowering.

We also added the LMI logo and website URL so that the banner could also be used as a backdrop at future events.

Nick was very pleased with the result, which he has been using regularly in his video calls:

"It creates quite a nice, clean image and makes it a bit more officey. It’s exactly what I wanted. It will also make a really nice background for recording videos."

LMI banner situ