One of these formats is LinkedIn Video Ads, which allows businesses to engage with a target audience throughout every stage of the customer journey. Unlike other video adverts on LinkedIn (post and pre), these appear in the newsfeed as a standalone post.

Why choose LinkedIn Video Ads:

  • You can build brand awareness with engaging, visual stories
  • Driving traffic to websites or post-click landing pages on your website
  • Collecting leads with a CTA button or Lead Gen Forms

With a sponsored content campaign to promote video content on your company page, or a Direct Sponsored Content campaign to personalise video ads for specific audiences without publishing them to your page.

Your main objective

First you will need your businesses objective, what your end goal is with this advert, and let the answer drive your video creative as this makes it easier to optimise your campaign.


If your main objective is awareness you should use your video ad to capture attention to showcase your business and generate curiosity.


Since prospects in this stage are interested in your product or service and looking to learn more, use this opportunity to tell them why you’re the client for them. Use your video ad to demonstrate why your solution is the best for them.


This type of objective will tell people why they need your product or service, provide even more context, and finally drive them to take action.

Create video content based on your objective

Different marketing goals require different video content, so once you’ve identified your objective, you can create content for the type of success you want to drive:

  • For brand awareness – Videos should be around 5-30 seconds long which makes the viewer wanting to learn more. Share about your brand’s mission with this advert.
  • For brand consideration – Videos should be around 30-60 seconds which provide mores information. Showcase customer successes or case studies through interviews and testimonials.
  • For demand generation – Videos should be around a minute or more, as people who stick with it are more likely to become leads. Show a demo of your product or service to convince prospects to act.

Although video ads on LinkedIn are set to auto-play, they are muted by default. So, since many LinkedIn members will watch your video with sound off, create your ad assuming viewers will not be able to hear your audio.

LinkedIn video ads are a great way to advertise on the social network, they can raise your brand awareness and it can create lead generations as well as it being great content for your business LinkedIn page that your audience will engage with.

Now you know about LinkedIn adverts – if you’d like to make an advert for your business, drop us a message.