Working in Walsh time

By Ben | 25th January 2019

Working in a PR agency with deadlines and schedules, time is very important to what we do. In our office, we have recently adopted a new time zone – Walsh time. Allow me to explain.

Earlier this week, our new designer, Alistair Walsh, was uploading another of his design masterpieces to send to one of our clients. Thanks to a combination of a slow internet and his computer doing updates, this took longer than expected, leading our boss to remark that it was “uploading in Walsh time.”

This offhanded remark led to a discussion among the team about what time pieces would represent each of us. Here’s what we came up with:

Alistair – Casio

An old classic, the Casio watch is a time piece from a simpler time when watches didn’t have computers and health monitors built in. No unnecessary bells and whistles, just good, honest time keeping.

The Casio watch is a trusty and reliable brand that instils confidence in its customers, much like our new designer.

Matt - Egg timer

It may be small, but an egg timer does its job perfectly, keeping things on track in a quick paced environment and making sure things are done on time.

Like an egg timer in a busy kitchen, Matt gets a lot done in a short space of time, bouncing from one job to another with great ease.

Laura – Sun dial

An unusual choice, but a sun dial is a trusted source that is consistently right and resoundingly resilient to the ever-changing conditions in its environment.

Forever commenting on how cold it is in the office, Laura would much prefer to be working out in the sun.

Ben – Pocket watch

Instead of his London-based namesake, our 'Little Ben' is more like a pocket watch – solid, reliable and these days a little bohemian.

An elegant piece of design, now seen as quite fashionable and popular with steam punk, a good pocket watch is rare and sought after, which Ben’s email inbox will prove is not unlike him.

Claire-Marie – Alarm clock

Where would we be without an alarm clock? Probably still in bed asleep. But like an alarm clock, Claire-Marie ensures everyone is doing what they’re meant to be doing and delivering on time.

While she’s easy to wind up and can be quite loud when things are running late, she’s also reliable and integral to our daily routine.

Dave – Atomic clock

Finally we come to our boss, who is of course the atomic clock – the clock to which all other time pieces refer. Whilst some people might not be quite sure exactly what it does, we’d be lost without it.

Our atomic clock doesn't run on gas and microwaves, he runs on coffee. And just like the atoms in the clock, which are kept at near absolute zero for accuracy, he's a pretty cool guy.

As office discussions go, this was quite an insightful one, with each of us finding out what makes us tick and why we’re so important to the team. But will the nickname of Casio stick? Only time will tell.

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