Social media is an effective way of enhancing brand exposure and driving traffic to your business, whilst creating loyal customers, and generating leads and sales. Running social media adverts is a great way of reaching out to new and existing clients to make sure your content is in front of them.

Facebook is still one of the most popular social networks, however for B2B many businesses they have chosen LinkedIn and Twitter instead. Facebook can be a useful site for businesses and running adverts is as popular as ever on the network.

Here are the top reasons you should be using Facebook Adverts:

1. Opportunity

Facebook boasts 40 million business pages and has a large, engaged user base that spends a lot of time there every day of every month. Only 2 million are active advertisers on the space, that means there’s over 38 million pages not advertising, meaning there is a great opportunity and space in the market to advertise your business and its services.

2. The huge audience

The social media network recently passed a significant milestone, with more than one billion users logging into Facebook in a single day. Half a billion people only access Facebook via a mobile device, with this massive pool of potential clients, who visit Facebook every day you need to connect with them. Facebook Ads will help you reach the right audience – your audience.

3. Organic is on the decline

Facebook organic reach is down, which means less people will see you posts on the site normally. Facebook has been reducing the visibility of its business pages, and a way to overcome this is through Facebook Adverts, which does not require a huge budget to create.

4. Targeting

Businesses can target users with Facebook Ads by location, demographics, age, gender, interest, behaviour and connections. Facebook can help you get your ad in front of specific parts of your audience with powerful targeting options, such as:

  • Tap into recent purchase behaviour
  • Get creative with life event targeting
  • Use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty
  • Create audiences that look like your own targets (This is called lookalike audiences)
  • Layer targeting options

5. Turn visitors into leads

Facebook Ads will bring new traffic to your website, but you want more than that, such as leads, customers and sales. To achieve this, you’ll want to tag visitors who come to your site with a cookie. This will help build your remarketing audience. You can then start applying behavioural and demographic filters to your audience to narrow the group of people interested in your business through Facebook Ads (behavioural and interest targeting), who recently checked your page/products (retargeting) and those who can afford to buy your products/service (demographic targeting).

Facebook Ad’s are a great way of getting your business in front of people that matter to you with its large audience. With organic reach down, adverts are a successful way of getting your content out there. If you are interested in Facebook Ad’s drop us a message, or if you are looking to venture into the Facebook world, we can help manage that too.