In this always-on, digital age with short attention spans but a desire to consume content anywhere, anytime, on any device, our animations are the perfect way to capture and retain interest.

Whether it’s a sales message, a product explainer or a way for employees to understand the regulations at work, we can make it fun and engaging, but above all informative.

Once we understand the message you wish to convey, we’ll draft the script, draw the storyboard and create a bespoke animation, working closely with you to ensure it delivers what you need.

We’re not Pixar, but we offer a range of styles and avoiding animation from first principles, makes everything affordable, even for smaller businesses that want to project a professional image.

Your animation can mix styles, use text to explain, music to enhance and voice-overs for a professional finish – think of a project and we’ll bring the creativity.


Line drawing

A simple...


A more professional look for when you need to show more detail or include your brand colours.

Kinetic typography

Sometimes you don't need characters and scenery. Moving text and accompanying graphics can be just as engaging.


Want to combine the characters from the cartoon videos with some video or kinetic typography? Not a problem.


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