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Strategic email marketing for solicitors & lawyers. Generate leads for your law firm through email marketing & newsletters.

When promoting your law firm online, it is easy to overlook email marketing as part of your digital strategy. Yet email marketing can be a powerful tool for attracting clients for your legal services. WorkPR are experts in email marketing for law firms and can help develop email campaigns that strengthen your brand presence and relationships with your customers. 

Do not believe the misconceptions about email marketing being ‘outdated’ or less effective than social media or Google ads. The research about email marketing proves that even in 2022, having a consistent and strategic email strategy can get your law firm results, especially if you consider that: 

  • 99% of consumers check their email inbox every day 
  • 73% of consumers in the millennial age bracket prefer business communications to come via email 
  • 31% of B2B marketers cite email marketing as the most critical funnel for boosting sales leads 

Email marketing and newsletters are not only quick and cheap to run but can be extremely effective for increasing revenue from your existing clients. By keeping your current clients, partners and stakeholders informed of your law firm’s latest news and updates, you stay at the forefront of their mind, meaning they are more likely to seek your services the next time they need them.  


Some content and company updates that can be shared via email include: 

  • Latest blogs
  • Opinion pieces on new legislature
  • Commentary on current news stories
  • Company mergers, expansions, and acquisitions
  • Events and charity work
  • Appointments and team departures
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Surveys & feedback forms

Experts on newsletters and email marketing for law firms

Work PR have been providing content and PR services for law firms for over 25 years. Our rich experience and background in legal content has allowed us to branch out into the digital space, and alongside email marketing for law firms we provide services such as Digital PR, website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and much more.  

Through our in-house design team, we can create stylish email and newsletter templates that match your law firm’s branding, in addition to bespoke campaigns that target specific segments of your audience to improve the engagement and relevance of your email messaging.

Working closely with your solicitors, we will help your law firm produce content to include in your emails and newsletters, monitor the success of your emails through our tracking software and provide email performance reports alongside our insights and recommendations for your future campaigns. For sales-lead and cold email lists, we can also combine your email strategy with our telemarketing services to improve your customer lead generation success. 

“WorkPR are very easy to work with, as they help us create consistent and insightful content that is published through blogs and on social media – I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Jason Betteridge, Circy

The benefits of email marketing for law firms

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Can drive revenue

59% of marketers say that email marketing brings their biggest ROI (Return on investment) as it encourages purchases from an audience who have already used your services. Adding emails and newsletters to your marketing mix can help your law firm see an increase in revenue that you may not see as quickly through other channels.  

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Brand awareness

By delivering regular communications about your law firm to the personal inboxes of your audience, you can help keep your law firm’s brand at the forefront of their mind, meaning that they are more likely to reach out to you when they are in next need of your services.  

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Gain unique customer insights

Other than open and clickthrough rates, email marketing also offers the opportunity to collect feedback and conduct surveys with your audience, gaining your law firm valuable customer insights that would be difficult to achieve elsewhere. 


Improve client engagement

Email marketing helps you keep in regular communication with your current and previous clients, thus helping you stay connected outside of networking events and meetings. 

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Reach an already engaged audience

Your email database has already chosen to receive communications from you, meaning that they are more likely to be engaged with the communications you share with them than any other audience. Utilising this can improve your chances of getting repeat business from previous clients.  

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Owning your customer base data

Email lists are highly valuable sales lead generators that belong strictly to your law firm – no one else. Having personal data of this type is extremely valuable, as it contains individuals who you know have sought legal services before and therefore, are more likely to do so again.  


Ability to target your messaging

Email marketing allows you to customise and create personalised content for your audience through techniques such as segmented targeting, including the recipient's name in the email subject and A/B testing. 


Increase website traffic

Use email marketing to drive more traffic to your blogs, service pages and news pieces on your website, which can help increase service enquiries and engagement in your future posts. 


Reach new audiences

Email communication is easy for recipients to share with their other contacts, which can grow the reach of your law firm and potential sales leads. Through cold email marketing (purchasing legally obtained email lists) your law firm can also reach out to new audiences to gain more customer leads.  

Why choose our email marketing services?


25+ years of legal experience

We have been providing our services for law firms for over 25 years and understand the legal industry and its audience like no other.  


Multidisciplinary skilled team

Our team skills range from writing and creative to analytical and strategic; allowing us to create email and marketing strategies that are multi-faceted to get you the best results.  


Flexible packages 

We can create bespoke packages based on what your law firm needs. For larger expensive projects like website redesigns, we also offer payment instalment plans so that you do not need to wait to start getting the results you need. 


Competitively priced 

We frequently run audits on our local and national competitors to ensure that you get the best value for money services around. 


No joining fees

There are no extra fees on top of your quoted retainer charges such as joiner fees or admin costs. Just let us know that you wish to join us as a client as we will do all the rest! 


No contract 

We will not force you to sign a contract that ties you to us for a significant amount of time. Clients can enjoy a no pressure membership to our services that can be cancelled at any time without the stress of high exit fees. 

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