LinkedIn is the number one social media network for businesses and professionals, boasting over 600 million members as the world’s largest professional networking site. Almost every business has a page on the site, promoting news, updates and jobs. LinkedIn is also a great site for individuals to share their expertise and interact with other professionals.

Figures show that LinkedIn has over 300,000 million active users per month and that over 40% visit it daily. 46% of social media traffic visiting B2B company sites comes from LinkedIn and LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media.

With figures like that your business should be promoting content on the site regularly especially for B2B businesses, however sometimes organic content might not be enough to target the businesses and people you want to.

Just like the other social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can also run paid adverts on LinkedIn from your businesses profile page. This means you share content then promote it, which shows up in other user’s timelines.

Paid adverts are a great way to reach out, find a new audience, promote content, gain followers and most importantly get business enquires. With LinkedIn advertising you can target specific companies that you have in mind, or tailor your audience to only target people who have a certain job title or experiences.

The unique thing about LinkedIn advertising if you have a list of contact names and email addresses, you can import It into LinkedIn, and it find’s the members on there to target through your paid advert. You do this through campaign manager, set a daily budget for your advert, which will then tell you how many people are expected to see it, click on it and interact with it.

After your advert has finished running, you can see the data in campaign manager of how many times people at a company you targeted viewed your advert, what job title they have and much more.

Many businesses are now getting into running paid adverts on LinkedIn and if you have companies you would like to target, it’s a great way of reaching out to them rather than other means such as through email marketing.

If you want to know more about running LinkedIn for your business, then talk to us today!

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